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18th WKC Committee

18th World Kendo Championship Paris

Organizing Committee of the 18th World Kendo Championships

  1. Eric MALASSIS
    Michel GUENTHLER
    Vice President
    1. Administration

      1. Yannick FIANT
        Responsible for Planning, Planning Volunteers and Meeting Organization
        Sébastien DREYER
        Responsible for Accommodation, Meals and Transportation
        Lunch and Diner
        Hotel Booking
        1. Gilles GAUTROIS
          Sayonara Party
        2. Matthieu
      2. Jean-Jacques SOULAS
        Responsible for Grand Dome venue and Volunteers
        Shops and Stands
        Video / Son / Event
        Parking, Tickets
        Buses and Schuttle
    2. Competition

      1. Jean-Paul CARPENTIER
        Emilio GOMEZ
        1. Emilie DUPLESSIS
          Responsible for Competition Volunteers
          Drawing Committee
          Competition Records
          Drawing Management
        2. Denis DESCHAMPS
          Responsible for Competition Organization
          Material Management
          Shinai Control
          Players Waiting In/Out
        3. Alexandre PETITMANGIN
          Dominique COCO
          Responsible for VIP Protocol
          Open/Close Ceremony
    3. Communication

      1. Franck DESPAGNAT
        Responsible for Public relations and Communication
        1. Ouali HAJAR
          Marketing Promotion Community Management
        2. Emmanuel FAUTRAT
          Site internet
    4. Other

      1. Misako AIBA
        Responsible for International Relationships
      2. Olivier DARIDAN
        Responsible for Internet, Computer and Software
      3. Dr Frederic BARAILLES
        Responsible for Medical and Anti-doping